My Sister's Husband Asked Me to Suck His P*nis While She Was Away - Young Girl Opens Up

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A young lady who is faced with a serious dilemma with her elder sister's husband, has opened up about her travails online. The young lady shared her frustrations on break_or_makeup.
According to her, she is currently living with her elder sister and her husband in their home. However, the probem is that, her sister's husband is making life difficult for her.
She revealed that the man has always been hitting her bum whenever she passes by him and that has been bothering her. She even told her sister, but her allegations were brushed aside.
Now the terrifying thing is that, her sister's husband has advanced to asking her to suck his p*nis. According to her, it happened when her sister went out. When she refused, the man beat her up.
Below is how she told the story: