Exposed screenshots of video chats and new details emerge on the Apostle Sueliman sex scandal

Earlier today, one Stephanie Otobo ade headlines after she revealed how she was impregnated by Omega Power church's Apostle Suleiman.
In his response, Suleiman in a statement by his Communications Manager, Phrank Shaibu, obtained by THE PUNCH in Abuja, said there was no amorous relationship between the said Otobo and himself, including a promise to marry her.

According to Shaibu, the lady was allegedly arrested by operatives acting on a tip off that the she had repeatedly tried to blackmail Suleman, including demanding N500 million from him, failing which she threatened to expose a purported amorous relationship between her and the Pastor.
Reacting to the issue,  Festus Keyamo, a well-known human rights lawyer, defended his client, Stephanie Otobo, thus:
"She has been rendered incommunicado, after the news broke of her alleged affair with him."

 Keyamo said Suleman is a "liar" for saying Stephanie was a stripper and that he sent her money just to help her stop prostitution.

He claimed Stephanie was given something to drink to terminate her pregnancy. Keyamo said she has been taken to an unknown destination and might be forced to retract her statement.

“As I speak with you, this morning they have gotten so angry that the media carried the story. They have kept her incommunicado. They drove my lawyers from her this morning. They have taken her to an unknown destination. We just hope they don’t kill her just to protect the so called man of God.

"There are so many women who have been abused by this so called men of God. They are paying the media here and there just to bury the story. As I speak with you now, my lawyers cannot get access to her. I am in Abuja right now. They have kept her incommunicado and we shall issue a statement to this effect soon,” Keyamo said.

Speaking further, Keyamo said she is at Alagbon with the police. Asked if she can provide a test result showing she was indeed pregnant, he said “She lost the pregnancy. They gave her a substance to drink and she bled everything out. Google her. She is a big lady in Canada. She is a singer and an artiste. She is not an easy person. All these attempts to paint her as a prostitute is a lie. She has a stage name. This girl is a well known girl in Canada... 
"She has a budding career who is trying to make something of herself before this man of God tried to mess her up now. Whatever it is, we will release a statement. She is ready for this battle and we are ready as well. I think they want to force her to retract her statement and force her to say something else and that is why they have kept her incommunicado.”

Asked to react to insinuations that the allegations might be a ploy from some people who are not happy with Suleman for speaking out against herdsmen, Keyamo said;
"Is it propaganda that made him to be sending millions into her account? I am sure you have seen his press statement where he was abusing me. He said actually he was sending her money to encourage her to stop prostitution. So she is the only worshipper you have in the whole world to be sending millions into her account?"

To support the claims, Stephanie released a screenshot of her last video chat with the Apostle.