Soldiers brutalise car dealer over minor issue with customer

According to Apst. Morris who shared the story online, his friend who is a car dealer was maltreated by a Nigerian soldier in Umuahia, Abia State, for having a problem with a man who brought car to him to sell for him. Read the story as told by him:

"See what Nigerian soldier did to one of my friends in Umuahia Abia state. This guy is a car dealer. A man brought him a car to sell, this guy repaired the car with his money, sampled the car for buyers to come but he still was unable to sell it. 
After weeks he kindly returned the car to the owner. The owner accused him of messing up the car, when there's nothing like that. 
Before he knew what was going on, the car owner brought 4 Nigeria soldiers to turn this guy to a half dead man. Are Nigerian soldiers meant to protect or kill innocent people? 
What a shame...Federal Government should call military to order."

There are better ways to resolve issues, than involving men who only hear go and not come. Sigh!